Friday, January 2, 2015

Cover Up

There are many things in life that are just unavoidable and yet thoroughly disgusting. Pooping of course is one of these unavoidable things, and pooping in public restrooms or at someone's home makes this necessity just that much more uncomfortable. Recently, just before Christmas, I was looking something up on Youtube and while waiting for the clip I intended to play to start an advertisement caught my attention; this is a rare occurrence as I get very annoyed at forced advertising. The advertisement was for a product by the name of Poopurri, not a name that would have really stood out to me, but the opening of the forced-advert definitely is an attention grabber. Please check it out for yourself So after watching the entire advert, which is a little over 2 minutes, I decide to share this bizarrely funny clip on Facebook. There wasn't much of a reaction from my FB friends, and that is O.K. because I wasn't the maker of the clip or the product and the clip wasn't super hilarious, yet a few days after Christmas I received this product as a gift. There are several variants of this product and I received 'The Royal Flush'. Obviously everyone wants to know if it works, even though the commercial clearly claims that it does. I am pretty sure no one wants to answer that question 'does it work?' as it is a clear admission of being a pooper, a smelly pooper at that; at least that was my reaction to one of the gift senders inquiries. I let the inquisitor know that I had not tried it, this at the time was true, and that I felt 'pressured to preform', and asked how detailed of a review was required of me, and if a picture would help clarify anything that I wasn't able to describe well enough with words. No pictures have been requested, yet in an effort to strive for excellence I have provided photos below.
Product/Gift I received
The Product instructions suggest spraying the surface of the water 4-6 times prior to use/pooping. Above is a picture of a full 6 pump sheen. Yes, I cleaned my toilet before taking this picture, and yes it's because I didn't want to be judged for any imperfections caused from past use.

The first time I didn't read the bottle I just sprayed a single pump and did my business, and I'll admit I wasn't impressed. Oh don't scrunch up your nose,frown, or judge at this admission. I read the instructions and was prepared for the next...session. I read some other interesting things on the bottle as well that I'd like to share and comment on. First, 4-6 sprays per use seems excessive since the bottle is very small. Second, it warns to avoid eye contact, not to ingest, and for external use only. EXTERNAL USE ONLY! Is this really necessary, is someone really trying to preemptively apply this product? My thought as I read this sitting on the thrown was 'oh crap', no pun attended, 'back-splash. What happens with back-splash?' Let's just say I was reluctant to...release, and find out. The good news is everything appears to be as advertised; the product does have a positive effect on odor. I will not be going into the effectiveness of this product in extreme circumstances such as differing...consistencies, or lack there of. I will note that the sheen I applied for the purposes of the picture did not remain wide spread and collected more to the center after about 5 minutes, I wasn't watching the clock, so I assume it won't work very well the next time the bomb-bay doors open up to release their payload. 

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